We here at Bottlewerkz originally started this project, to mainly to help our family members and friends who needed pain relief. What we also discovered, was that people cherish memorabilia from an event, like a favorite liquor bottle. Have you ever had a special event like a wedding, a bachelor party, or a night on the town with some friends and you kept that empty liquor or wine bottle as a celebratory token? We decided to put those ideas to work and created these one-of-a-kind waterpipes to smoke from. We immediately saw a need for a unique, smoking apparatus, so we made our own waterpipe from an empty, top-shelf liquor bottle, complete with mouthpiece and “carb” bowl. What better way to drift into a good mood, when you reflect on that memorable time and obtain pain relief at the same time! This is where our story begins.

Taking pride in everything we do is synonymous with our handiwork. Remember, no matter what you do in this world, do it to best of your ability. Know that, we are good at what we do and enjoy doing it. We are also concerned about carbon footprint on our beautiful planet, so 99% of everything that we manufacture is recycled products. We will custom make any bottle for you using the finest highest quality parts. Custom orders are subject to review, because we want to make sure your waterpipe is manufactured exactly how you want it. We design our products ourselves and everything is signed and numbered with our trademark in mind. Commitment and dedication to our customers is extremely important to us, just like our oath to family and friends.

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“Irish Mike”
Owner, Designer, Craftsman